6 easy steps to enhance the street appeal of your home

6 easy steps to enhance the street appeal of your home

It may sound cliche but first impressions do count, particularly when potential home buyers arrive to inspect your property. Presenting the best possible version your home’s exterior and/or entranceway is very important. But why?

Because how people ‘feel’ about a property is what will ultimately sway them toward making an offer on the home. So giving potential buyers a positive experience in the first instance helps to get that initial ‘feeling’ off on the right foot, so-to-speak.


1. Assess objectively

Head outside to the front of your home with a pen and paper, and jot down everything you see from the road that could do with some work. And be objective. You’re about to ask someone to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for something, so they will be looking at your property with a critical eye. So give them a property they can’t fault.


2. Time for some elbow grease

You’ll be surprised what a bit of hard yakka can accomplish, so get onto things like weeding the garden and water blasting the house exterior, driveway, pathways and front steps. Scrub away moss build-up, get rid of any rubbish lying around and scrub away oil stains in the carport.  You’ll be surprised at how fresh it all looks once complete!


3. Address to impress

Now that you’ve done all of the cleaning and clearing up, the next step is to fix anything that is broken, and generally give the front of the house a good makeover. But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Things like repairing and repainting the fence, giving the facade a refresh, replacing broken stepping stones, and even taking care of cracks in the concrete. All of these tasks are cost-effective, but they do add up to make an overall better first impression.  


4. Focus on the details

As mentioned above, the little things do count. So make sure the lawns are always freshly mown, and tidy around the edge of gardens and pathways. Clear away the cobwebs and pack away the net curtains in the front windows (these generally negatively age a property).

And what about a new flashy letterbox? A nice new letterbox can certainly contribute to great street appeal – think practical, yet stylish.

Many people also forget about what good lighting can achieve, because you never know, some buyers may do a drive-by at night! Solar lights can be purchased relatively cheaply and set up along the front entranceway, and other entry points to the house. They are also practical for security reasons. Plus if placed next to large shrubs and trees it provides a lovely ambience.   


5. On with the gardening gloves

Large, extensively planted gardens are beautiful to look at, but home buyers who are busy professionals, or have a young family to juggle or both – could feel your garden is ‘too much work’. This doesn’t mean rip out what you have, but you could consider creating the impression of an easy care garden by ensuring it is well maintained.

Make sure your garden is tidy, trimmed and looking alive. Dead plants are a definite no-no, and you can always help lift the look of a garden by laying new mulch. Using pots and planting fresh flowers right before you put your home up for sale is perfect for achieving a quick makeover.


6. Style and stand out  

Consider making a bold statement on the exterior of a home, plan ways to make your property stand out and be memorable (for the right reasons) among the masses.

What do I mean? Something like a yellow front door (or another colour), or an interesting piece of garden art is a fantastic way to create a talking point amongst buyers.

And depending on how much room you have on the front patio, perhaps you could hang a swinging chair or a touch of luxury with some topiaries. Of course, all of these things are dependent on the age and style of your property, but it never hurts to think outside of the square.   

If you are considering putting your property on the market, but aren’t sure if you have the right street appeal, contact me for an obligation free report on preparing your property for sale.