Kitchen and bathroom renovations - should you go budget or deluxe

Kitchen and bathroom renovations – should you go budget or deluxe?

Kitchens and bathrooms can make or break the sale of a home. Why? Because leaving them outdated will limit your pool of buyers to those that are happy to spend the time and additional dollars on a renovation. You’ll lose interest from anyone that just wants to move straight in.

It’s important as a home seller to understand that a great sales price for your property relies on these two pivotal rooms being at the very least functional and pleasing on the eye.  


Cheap and cheerful or top of the line?

A bathroom or kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be expensive. You can be economical with your finances and still achieve a great result. In fact, there are several additional factors (outside of cost) to consider before you decide on the style and direction of your renovations.


Will this renovation overcapitalise your home?

First, make sure you have a clear idea of the top value a home like yours could reach because embarking on a $40,000 kitchen refurbishment won’t always provide a return-on-investment, especially if your property is in a mid-priced neighbourhood.


Does the interior decor flow?

Second, ensure that the style of kitchen or bathroom you choose is in keeping with the rest of the home. Having a house that ‘flows’ makes for a more desirable place to live than one where rooms are styled for different tastes and decades. For example, a character home won’t fair well with a space-age monochrome kitchen. So, ensure your renovation remains in-tune with the rest of the interior decor.   


Are you aiming for function or form?

Both kitchens and bathrooms are high traffic, functional rooms that require a number of universal elements, such as practical layouts, modern amenities (which don’t necessarily have to be high-end) alongside plenty of storage. Small details can make a big impact. Things as simple as repainting walls, tiles or cupboards, or replacing doors and handles, can really lift the feel of a room.


How long before you sell?

Next question, how long will you be living in the home before moving? The answer can have a significant impact on the budget you’ll be prepared to spend and the optional extras you can live without. If you’re thinking of selling in the near future then take some time to look around current homes for sale to see what your competition is offering and establish what buyers are prepared to pay.  


Who will purchase the home?

By keeping potential home purchasers in mind, you can make strategic choices that cater to a broader range of people. For example, a rain shower head is not going to be practical enough for a family with young children, as they would probably be seeking a bath, nor is a kitchen work surface made of concrete, which can get easily damaged. So, go for practicality and function over form.


Do it yourself or engage the professionals?

It may seem like a good idea at first do a lot of the work yourself to keep costs down. But be honest with yourself, do you have the skills? As proud as you may be with your efforts to hang tiles, build a cupboard or paint the window frames, if perfection is not your strong point then call in the experts for a professional finish.

Still a bit confused about what type of bathroom or kitchen renovation would appeal to current home buyers?  Give me a call for a confidential, obligation-free chat and I’ll give you some practical insights and point you in the direction of some good tradespeople too!