Top 5 ways to add value to your Queensland home

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While you may not be considering a move anytime soon, there are always ways you can improve the value of your property with some well-considered renovations or home improvements. Getting organised in advance is critical (good tradies have a long … Read More

6 easy steps to enhance the street appeal of your home

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It may sound cliche but first impressions do count, particularly when potential home buyers arrive to inspect your property. Presenting the best possible version your home’s exterior and/or entranceway is very important. But why? Because how people ‘feel’ about a … Read More

How to live in a more environmentally-friendly home (and add value)

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From saying no to single-use plastic to getting serious with recycling, there are many simple ways in which we have changed our daily habits to ensure we are living in a more eco-conscious manner. But when you’re ready to move … Read More

Honesty is the best policy: especially in real estate

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Be honest, be transparent, be genuine – that’s how I treat clients and how I like to be treated myself. When someone wants to sell their property or is looking to purchase a property, they want the facts and well-informed … Read More

Understanding the selling process: a guide for property owners

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One of the most common questions I get asked by homeowners, when we list their property for sale, is ‘what happens now?’. The process is fairly straightforward and although no two homes are the same, the general route from listing … Read More

When free really does mean free: professional marketing for your home

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With every home we sell, we offer free marketing. People are often confused by what this means or worried that it won’t be as good as the marketing they pay for elsewhere. To be clear, we don’t mean it’s hidden … Read More