Top 5 ways to add value to your Queensland home

Top 5 ways to add value to your Queensland home

While you may not be considering a move anytime soon, there are always ways you can improve the value of your property with some well-considered renovations or home improvements.

Getting organised in advance is critical (good tradies have a long waiting list), and it’ll also mean you can take your time to get the right result.


1. Bathrooms and kitchens should be your main focus

The fact is, bathrooms and kitchens are the two most important spaces in a home.

If you only have one bathroom, seriously think about where you could add another. These days, buyers expect two bathrooms (or at least one and an extra toilet), so you’ll definitely add value by making such an addition.    

Not sure if you should go big and bold, or cheap and cheerful with a kitchen or bathroom renovation? Here’s my advice on how to choose between a budget or deluxe renovation. It comes down to what will also suit the property and ensuring you don’t overcapitalise.


2. Attractive, low maintenance gardens are vital

Almost everyone loves a nice garden to look at, but not nearly as many enjoy the work required. From being extremely time-poor, to simply not having an interest in gardening, high-maintenance yards can actually be a turn-off for some people.

But what’s always sought-after is an attractive, landscaped garden that is able to take care of itself. This includes things like succulents, established shrubs that only need the occasional trim and water, and native plants that generally require very little attention.

And remember, gardens aren’t necessarily just about plants. Think about other interesting ways to make an impact, with rock walls, wooden structures and perhaps even a water feature.   

Landscaping your home before you put it on the market will result in a more favourable sales price because, in the right neighbourhoods, people will pay more for a beautiful garden.


3. Outdoor entertaining spaces are popular

An outdoor entertaining area is a highly sought-after addition to any home, but it’s important to get both the practical functions and aesthetic features right. These include:

  1. Appropriate protection from the elements – can you use it rain or shine?
  2. The right flooring – raised timber decking or patio pavers?
  3. Easy accessibility to the kitchen and living – if it is hidden away from these parts of the home, it won’t feel connected.
  4. Lighting – ensure the entertaining area can still be used when the sun goes down.
  5. How about adding an outdoor kitchen? It’s sure to impress!


4. Eco-friendly features result in cost-saving benefits

Simply understanding how to live more passively could result in some minor renovations that end up adding serious selling points to your home. Things like:

  1. Solar panels.
  2. Thermal-blocking blinds (keep heat out in summer and in during winter).
  3. Eco taps and shower heads (that use less water).  
  4. Installing extra windows (to allow greater airflow).
  5. Putting up retractable awnings over large windows/glass sliding doors (to stop the sun on hot summer days).
  6. Updating ceiling insulation.

All of these features have the potential for significant energy savings, which will certainly boost your asking price.


5. Get creative with multi-purpose spaces

A lot of the value in a home comes down to usable floor space. So, what if there was a way to ‘add’ more, without actually extending the physical building?

Consider creating multi-purpose rooms that maximise every square inch of a house or apartment. For example, an office that doubles as a spare bedroom for guests. If you installed a workstation in the wardrobe that could be tucked away behind doors at night?

Another idea is creating a multi-purpose garage, by having it double as a kid’s playroom. With a fresh coat of paint, polished concrete flooring, new lighting and proper storage (to keep all the tools and car stuff out-of-sight), you’ll be able to create a dual-purpose space – an extremely valuable selling point.  

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