When free really does mean free professional marketing for your home

When free really does mean free: professional marketing for your home

With every home we sell, we offer free marketing. People are often confused by what this means or worried that it won’t be as good as the marketing they pay for elsewhere. To be clear, we don’t mean it’s hidden in our fees, we don’t offer anything sub-par and it’s highly effective.

We offer free marketing that works.

So what’s the catch?

It’s simple: there’s no catch.

For every property we list, we offer free advertising and marketing. In fact, you’ll receive the benefits of thousands of dollars of spending, without having to shell out for anything yourself.

The reason we can do this, while other real estate agents charge you for the same service, is that we’re not affiliated with any franchise.

Many real estate agents in Queensland choose to operate under the banner of a large company and therefore have the burden of franchise fees. Each office has to pay for the use of that company’s name and branding, whereas we don’t have that cost.

Instead of sending money back to a national HQ, we can spend it on you.

What’s included in the free marketing package?

The marketing package we supply is in line with the best in the business. It makes use of trusted professionals in the area and uses their services in conjunction with modern advertising techniques. You’ll get listings on the most popular real estate websites, which means you’ll be seen by active property buyers, and you’ll also get traditional marketing methods for a more rounded advertising approach.

A free advertising and marketing package will be tailored to your property and will typically include:

  • Professional photographs and a floorplan that can be used on your online ads.
  • A listing on Realestate.com.au (premiere listing) and Domain.com.au.
  • A video tour of your property, including drone footage.
  • A large ‘For Sale’ sign alerting local residents and visiting buyers.
  • Plus a four-page professionally designed property brochure.

Tried and tested methods

Having worked in real estate for more than two decades, I’ve had plenty of time to see what does and doesn’t work. If there’s a technique that doesn’t work, or stops being effective, then we won’t use it. Letterbox drops – where you print thousands of flyers and distribute them house by house in the area – are not a part of my standard marketing approach because of this.

we keep adding new techniques to my strategy. The world is moving online and so are buyers. Listing your property for sale on sites like Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au has proven benefits, so they’re included in my services. You’ll also see that I’m active on social media because this is another place where home buyers spend a lot of their time.

Being honest and straightforward

Although my marketing methods have changed and evolved over time, there’s one thing that has remained consistent throughout the years – the value of my word.

we thoroughly believe in telling things as they are. I’m not going to tell you things just because we think you want to hear them and I’m the same with my marketing. I’m not going to put misleading or confusing information in your marketing material, because at the end of the day that’s just going to end in disappointment.

So, when we tell you that we provide free marketing, marketing that will help with your house or apartment sale, you can believe me.

If that sounds like something that interests you, I’m always available for a chat. Call me on 0418 886 410 or email sales@regstrow.com.au to see what we can do for you and your property.